Client Testimonials

“Cameron is a very gifted artist who captures the artwork, as if it were an actual photograph. I have had her do many pieces of work for me and she is the only artist I trust to convey the feeling represented from the photo she sketches from. As for her actual photography it is a unique combination of personality and individuality. As well as capture the moment and beauty. I can think of no one else I would go to for any kind of artistic work.”

-Heather L Howe


“Recently I commissioned Cameron to paint two shower doors. Cameron was free to do what ever she wished to do except that the colors had to match existing colors of the bath rooms. The first one was the "Red" bath room. It was and is a work of art. It compliments the bathroom and turned  a "shower door" into a piece of art. Cameron then turned a tub enclosure door "in the " blue" bathroom into art piece. So with two bathrooms done we had her do the"green" bathroom shower door. She is a unique artist because she listened to what we wanted to achieve with her art which was to take glass doors and turn them into art. Many quests are taken back by her design and pallet of colors. Besides being a artist, her photograph of both bathrooms highlight her photography skills.. CAMERON MAKE CHANGES AS YOU SEE FIT.”

-Captain James and Aida Cook

“Cameron is an exceptionally gifted artist. She truly captured the essence of our 3 beloved pooches, and she did this just with a charcoal pencil. I cannot sing her praises enough, and everyone who sees the framed drawings has commented on the uncanny likenesses. Thank you Cameron, you have given us such a beautiful gift, and we are so very grateful.”

-Tamara Reid


“When you look at Cam's work you can actually smell the smoke of a cigarette, hear the gurgle of a toddler taking her first steps, or feel the grit of a dog's nose. That's the difference between replicating what is in front of you and being an artist.   There is a soul there that can't be overlooked.  You feel it."

-Mary Ellen

“I was really impressed by the quality and detail of Cameron’s drawings for a many years now. When my cousin passed away three years ago, I wanted to give his parents something meaningful and something they could appreciate everyday. Cameron’s artwork was the first thing to come to mind. Her artwork hangs in their homes still today an many years to come. They love the portrait of their son. I recommend her artwork everywhere I go. She’s detailed, professional and very reasonably priced!”

-Deshawn Cole

“We commissioned two unusual pieces from Cameron. To begin with know she was wonderful to work with!!  She was extremely friendly and listened to what my teenage daughter wanted for her high school megaphone and cheer box panel. Not only did Cameron turn a boring plastic megaphone into something that really catches your attention from the sidelines of a football field but she was able to have her cheer box panel match. Cameron was able to give my daughter everything she wanted when another artist told her that her vision couldn’t be done or wouldn’t look right. Cameron’s work gave my daughter the opportunity to express her pride in her culture and as a mother seeing your child happy and confident is always a great thing.” 

-Angela Orozco